Cloud-connected Sync, and Share

Store your files with 2FreeGigs and make them available to anyone, anywhere, for as long as you like. Your content follows you wherever you go and syncs up to your other connected devices automatically. 

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Collaboration with the Click of a Button

Share your files with friends, family, or customers by creating easy web links from any of the software interfaces or from your web-based interface from any web-enabled device.

Working as a part of a team? No problem! Get all your team members to sign up for a 2FreeGigs account and share libraries of content with them. You select which libraries you share and which ones you keep private. All shared content is synced up automatically and ready for use on any connected device. 

Speaking of Devices

With native applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS, 2FreeGigs creates an awesome ecosystem of interoperability. Once you're logged in, check out the downloads page from the footer of the admin panel to download the software you require.

And what if you need more space?

We’ve got you covered. You can add space to your account at any time through our web-based portal. There’s no limit to how big you can grow your storage account. Rates are reasonable after the first 2 gigs and if you don’t see the amount you need in the dropdown list, just email and ask. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the storage you need.

This sounds great, how do I get started? 

When your account has been activated, you’ll receive an email explaining how to set up your account and connect your devices. The in-application help system will guide you through how to use our features and the rest (i.e. the creative uses for 2FreeGigs) is up to you!

How Fast will my Service Be?

That's a hard one to answer. 2FreeGigs lives on a 1 gig pipe so that should give you lots of bandwidth at the server side - and we have plenty of servers running in the background to support our service so there is plenty of compute available. Your speed experience will be dictated by the speed of your Internet connection.. Even a 1.5mbps broadband connection can provide enough bandwidth to use 2FreeGigs - the only limitation will be the size of files that you'll want to upload and download 

I have questions that weren’t answered here

Please contact That email account will work for lots of things so you can try it for almost any purpose.